CCARE Lynch Syndrome Logo
Our logo was crafted to symbolize the many facets of Lynch Syndrome

The double helix signifies the DNA component

The colors correspond to the relevant cancer awareness ribbons

  • Blue - Colon cancer
  • Peach - Uterine cancer
  • Periwinkle - Stomach cancer
  • Teal - Ovarian cancer
Colon Cancer Alliance for Research and Education for Lynch Syndrome  


Lynch syndrome is a genetic disease that dramatically increases the risk of cancer, especially colon and uterine cancers. Knowing about Lynch syndrome is important for patients and their family members to prevent future cancers. Our efforts are focused on educating individuals and health care providers about Lynch Syndrome. Through education we can increase the awareness of Lynch Syndrome, identify affected individuals, and then diagnose cancers at their earliest possible stage. This program can significantly improve the life and longevity of affected individuals.


If someone in your family develops cancer, talk to your relatives about your family health history and risk of hereditary cancer.



CCARE Lynch Syndrome Research Award

The 2013 Perlman Family CCARE Lynch Syndrome research award went to Miya Frick for her project titled “BRCA Negative Breast Tumors as a Potential Source for Identifying MMR Deficiency and Lynch Syndrome”. This was announced at the 2013 SGO Annual Meeting on Women's Cancer.

Pictured below are: Dr. David Gershenson, Chair Foundation for Women’s Cancer, Dr. Neil Perlman, Medical Director of CCARE-LS, and Dr. Anil Sood, Chair of Research and Awards Committee from the Society of Gynecologic Oncology

Join the global fight against cancer

CCARE Lynch Syndrome is a proud member of One Team One Goal, the worldwide coalition-building campaign supporting the Union for International Cancer Control's (UICC) World Cancer Declarationto help bring awareness to the global cancer burden and allow women better access prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and palliation.

Click on the TEAM ONE GOAL logo to sign the declaration on behalf of CCARE-Fight Lynch Syndrome.

Together, we can bring attention and aid to the elimination of cancer.

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